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16 November, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (12:12): I move: That this house urges the state government work to secure the future of the Vickers Vimy aircraft and other associated memorabilia contained at Adelaide Airport to work towards placing i... Read more
15 November, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (15:35): Thank you, sir, and I hope it is interesting for you. I would like to talk about the four shows that were held in my electorate over the last four or five weeks, commencing with the Yankalilla Show on AFL Grand Fin... Read more
05 July, 2017 Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 20:03 :50 ): I would like tonight to say a few words about a wonderful South Australian, an astute businessman, a great husband, father and grandfather who sadly died in the Angel Flight crash last week in Mount Gambier. Tha... Read more
05 July, 2017 Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 11:08 :23 ): Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker, and I note your comments in relation to the guests. I had the opportunity to speak to them briefly before, so that was good. I commend the member for Ashford for her role as... Read more
05 July, 2017 Mr PENGILLY: Well, that was my word. 'Considerable pork-barrelling' I had written down here actually. It is all about pork-barrelling in the lead-up to the election next year and it is all about the failing Labor leadership of the state government... Read more
23 June, 2017 South Australian Parliament House of Assembly HANSARD Country Cabinet 21st June 2017 Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 15:27 :37 ): I would like to make a few points today about the recent country cabinet visit to my electorate. I welcome country cab... Read more
18 May, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (11:42): I can hardly believe what I was hearing from the member for Kaurna. In the lead-up to the last federal election, his good old factional mate, the federal member for Port Adelaide, Mark Butler, had a good old crack at th... Read more
16 May, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (15:19): Members in this place may recall that two or three weeks ago I raised, on the floor of this house, the matter of Main South Road and its condition. Since that time, I have met with a couple of people and had some discus... Read more
10 May, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (11:43): This was somewhat of an interesting project that came before the Public Works Committee. This government does not seem to be able to get it right at Port Adelaide. When I was a lad going to boarding school, I used to tr... Read more
10 May, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (11:10): The member for Elder has covered a lot of the project, but some matters arose during the hearing. I was a little surprised that netball is not incorporated. When we met at the Port Augusta complex last year, it was very... Read more
13 April, 2017 Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 14:50 ): My question is to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. Can the minister advise the house of any plans to create a dual carriageway from Seaford to Sellicks Beach along the Main South Road corridor? The H... Read more
13 April, 2017 Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 15:03 ): A short time ago in the house, the member for Flinders asked some questions of the Treasurer in relation to B.J. Jarrad. I was particularly pleased to hear the member for Flinders ask those questions, and I am not p... Read more
13 April, 2017 Second Reading Adjourned debate on second reading. (Continued from 29 March 2017.) Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 16:13 :20 ): I am not the lead speaker; indeed, this will be my final speech in this place on the Supply Bill. The Hon. T.R. Kenyon: ... Read more
29 March, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) ( 15:16 :58 ): Again, I raise the issue of Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers. I am pleased to say that yesterday they put out a market update for the Australian Stock Exchange where it would appear that some common sense is fin... Read more
14 February, 2017 Mr PENGILLY (Finniss) (15:37): What a mess we have in South Australia. The great, green giant has successfully emasculated this current Labor government and left the place in a debacle. Electricity, the core of what people want in their homes, the co... Read more
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