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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Mr PENGILLY ( Finniss ) ( 11:08 :23 ): Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker, and I note your comments in relation to the guests. I had the opportunity to speak to them briefly before,
so that was good.

I commend the member for Ashford for her role as Presiding Member
of the Natural Resources Committee. I listened with interest to what she had to
say here this morning, and I thank her for involving me at any time when there
is a matter pertinent to my electorate. I pick up on the KI natural
resources levy, which has been a subject of conjecture and some deal of concern
for some time.

I have had discussions at length. I get on very well with my local
NRM board, and I know Richard Trethewey very well. They do their best,
according to the funding they get, but it brings up the wider issue of funding
for NRMs around the state and why it is so ridiculously wrong that you have the
Adelaide Hills board, which is flush with funds because they have the City of
Adelaide to collect money from, and then you have these poor little country
boards, such as Kangaroo Island, which are trying to scrape together a few
dollars to do everything they can.

I have been of the view for some time that this whole thing needs
flattening out so that the money is much more evenly distributed and that the
smaller regional boards have the opportunity to do things without grovelling to
the parliamentary committee to approve their rise. I should not say
'grovelling'; I should say 'pleading', which is probably better terminology,
but I think you know what I mean. They should not have to do that.

By the same token, I think there are various programs that do need
looking at (and I am referring holistically to all of them), but there are
issues they do not need to be involved in as much as they are. The areas that
need work should be funded, but others need their cloth cut accordingly. It was
an interesting exercise, and I was very pleased that the committee came over
and looked at the proposed Smith Bay port site, which I think is an arrant
disaster. I am absolutely, totally and adamantly opposed to a port on that
site. As the committee knows, it is just ridiculous, and I will have more to
say about that later. In the meantime, I thank the member for her comments and
commend the report.

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